Top 11 Sleep Tips for Mothers

If there is one thing that you quickly learn…

It’s when you become a parent, being sleep deprived seems to be a part of the job..

Unfortunately, it seems that sleep deprivation could be part and parcel of becoming a parent.

In fact, for many parents it stretches on way beyond the newborn phase and into the early years.

Now, we know that doesn’t sound like much fun for you, but we can promise you that there is light at the end of the tunnel.

In fact, why not take a look at our top 4 tips to help sleep deprived mum’s to get a good night’s rest?

Grab Some Sleep When The Baby Does

It might not feel like it in the dead of night, but babies sleep for somewhere in the region of 16 hours every day.

However, that sleep is going to be in 2-4 hour periods.


This means that there is a good chance that your baby is not going to sleep through the night for a fair few weeks or even months.

You may think that it is lazy, especially when there is housework to do, but it is a good idea to try and get some sleep as soon as your little one goes down for a nap.

That way it won’t feel quite so bad when you are up and down in the night. 

Never Be Afraid To Ask Help

It is all too common that new parents, especially new mum’s feel that they cannot ask for help from friends or family members.

Usually because they think that they should just be coping with parenthood.

The thing is, it is hard work and if you are trying to catch up on sleep as well as manage a house, well, then you are going to get burnt out.

Ask for help from those closest to you, even if it is just making sure you have milk in the fridge.

You will be surprised by just who is happy to lend a hand.

Learn To Say No To People Popping By

Everyone loves to see a new baby and it is great to have so many people wanting to pop in.

But the truth is, visitors can be draining.

Don’t try to pack too many people into a day, instead make sure that you spread them out.

It can be hard to say no to people coming over, but, if there is ever a time that it is okay to say no to someone, then having a brand new baby is definitely one of them. 

Try And Set Yourself A Bedtime Routine

It can seem like everything is up in the air and it is always hard to judge time when you have a baby to think about.

But, one thing that you can do to help yourself to sleep is to set a bedtime routine.


It doesn’t matter what time that you go to bed, it just matters what you do.

Turn off your gadgets a good half an hour before you head to bed and maybe have a shower to help you to de-stress and feel good.

You could even listen to some soothing music once you are settled, all things that will help you to drop off quicker. 

Share The Night-Time If You Can

It is important that you remember that you are a team when it comes to taking care of a baby.

Of course, if you are breastfeeding then you might find that it is down to you to take care of all the night-time feeds, but that doesn’t mean that your partner can’t help.

Take it in turns to be the one who grabs your baby and pops them with you ready for a feed.

When it is your partners turn, they can bring the baby to you, make sure that you feed them properly and then change them and put them back to bed, allowing you to go straight back to sleep. 

Return The Baby To Its Bed When You Have Finished Feeding

It is all too tempting to allow our babies to stay in bed with us when they have finished feeding, especially if you are all warm and snuggly.

But this really isn’t a good idea.

Not only can it be dangerous to keep a small baby in bed with you, but it also doesn’t help either of you get some restful sleep.

Putting them in their own cot, crib or basket will teach them that they need to get off back to sleep and will mean that you have some space to sleep restfully too.

Go For Walks In The Morning

It can be hard to feel motivated to get up and go after a sleepless night, but what you may not realise is that getting out in the morning sunshine could be a great idea for you and for the baby too.


Not only does this mean that you both need to get up and get dressed, but it also helps you to reset your natural rhythm in your body, as well as your babies too.

Another great thing about going out for a walk is that you may find it is much easier to drop off for a nap then it would be if you have been stuck at home all the time.

Don't Put Any Pressure On Yourself

One of the worst things that you can do when you have just had a newborn baby, is heap pressure on yourself.

This could be pressure to return to your pre-baby weight, this could be pressure to get the house clean, or perhaps pressure to be beautifully dressed with make-up and hair done.

The thing to remember is that absolutely no-one is going to judge you and therefore you should never put any pressure on yourself.

Go and your own pace, do things as and when you can and you will soon feel a little better.

Try To Forget Being A Night Owl

Before baby there is a good chance that you might have been a night owl, someone who would stay up as late as possible, watching TV or simply hanging out with your partner.

Whilst alone time is key to any relationship, when your newborn baby is young, you should prioritise going to bed.

It might only be half 8 at night, but, if you are tired and your baby is down for the night, then it is a good idea to hit the hay too.

Remind Yourself It Is Short Term

One of the most important things that you can do is make sure that you try and stay positive when it comes to those sleepless nights.

It might seem like you are running on empty, that you really don’t have anything left in the tank, but you will be surprised how resilient you can be as a new parent.


The good news is that these early days are just that, early days.

Whilst you may have a few more years of unsettled sleep ahead of you (sorry about that) ongoing, every night disturbed sleep only really seems to be the case when they are newborn.

Learn Ways For Your Baby To Sleep Better

It isn’t always easy to get a baby to sleep, however, there are things that you can do to make it much easier for them to drift off to sleep and then stay that way.

There are a variety of different tips, tricks and techniques that you can try out for your baby, not every single approach for every single baby, so you might need to try a few different things to find the one that is going to work and help you all to get a more restful night.

If you feel that your sleep deprivation has gone on for too long, or if you are finding everyday life unmanageable, then you might want to speak to a doctor about the way that you feel.

Whilst they may not have a magic wand that can make everything better, they may be able to advise things that you can do to help you to cope better as well as suggest support that might be suitable for you in your hour of need.

Get Your Sleep

Sleep is something that we all need.

However, in those early days of having a baby, it can be really hard to get some decent sleep and feel refreshed.

Often, the excitement of being a new parent can carry us through those rough few weeks and when things start to settle down.

You will soon realise that you and your baby will be sleeping better in no time at all after using these tips. 

Take it one day at a time and realize that you won’t get perfect sleep right from the first day. 

Learn from what doesn’t work and use more of what works and you’ll be well on your way to better sleep. 

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